How to get started with Handpoint

Real people are there to guide you every step of the way.

From evaluation to launch, Handpoint helps you implement the right solutions for your unique payments journey.  Boutique service redefined.

Handpoint is your partner for the next step in your payments evolution

Exploratory Call:

To start things off, you will talk with our sales & engineering teams to go over your goals, markets, and technical needs. We will help you choose the right programs and solutions for your needs. You can kick off with a simple agreement on what you will integrate, who you will be selling to, your go-live date, and your pricing strategy.  

Activation ("SIP"):

Our Successful Implementation Plan “SIP” will help you fast-track your path to market by giving you dedicated personal support on three parallel efforts:

  1. Technical integration & validation
  2. Preparing for your go-to-market
  3. Training your ops/support teams
Start Processing:

Before you know it, you’ll be ready to enable processing for your customers. With fully embedded payments, you can offer payments in your own brand, set pricing for your merchants, control the onboarding journey, and entirely own the checkout flow.

Ramping Up:

During a pilot, we will work hand-in-hand with you as you test your processes with live customers and prepare for your broader launch.  You’ll have access to Handpoint teams to help answer any questions and help you scale.

Account Review:

We will be your partners in your growth. You will have a dedicated Handpoint expert supporting your product integration, keeping tabs on your evolving market needs, and helping you achieve your biggest possible ROI.  


You will have all the tools and support you need from Handpoint to control your payments product.  Your customers will enjoy the easy activations you offer, the value of real-time omni payment data that you can provide, and tools your offer that help them grow their business faster.


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