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Build your ideal product and customer journey with integrated payment solutions

Power the Integrated Payment Solutions your Customers Need with the Customer Journey You Are Proud to Deliver

Single merchant application for ecommerce and face-to-face payments
Single portal for all transactions and all customers
APIs to embed ecommerce and face-to-face payments
Identify consumers across channels with tokens
Fast and easy customer activation

Embed NextGen Face-to-Face Payments with Simple APIs

Android SDK app solutions
Mobile All-in-One

Deliver a mobile all-in-one solution with your software on a nextgen Android PAX A920/A77 terminal or on an iPhone with HiPro.

NextGen Checkout

For a sleek checkout, connect any application to an A920, A35, or A80

Secure Ultra-Portable

Easily connect your native iOS or Android app to HiLite

Semi-attended setups

Your POS + PAX IM30 or PAX A35, wired and mounted

Brandable Standalone payment app

Brandable standalone payment app in case you need to offer payments before the integration is complete

Embed eCommerce for Seamless Checkouts

Add Value with Real-time Customer Data:

Your customers choose your software because of the value it brings to them. Integrated payment solutions and acceptance increase the value of your software for your customers. And when you do it right, payments acceptance can be very valuable for you.

Identify customers across every touchpoint

Use tokens to identify customers across every touchpoint, without touching sensitive card data. Even get tokens from the terminal, with a sale or without

See all of their transactions in one place

Your customers can see all of their transactions in one place, including information on fees and the amounts that have been sent to their bank account

Get payments data via the SDK response.

Verify transactions in real time with CheckStatus. And leverage the Transaction API for reconciliations and building your own reporting

Control the types of payments you accept

Control the types of payments you accept with BIN filtering / whitelisting. Even get PAN from the SDK for e.g. closed loop cards.

Scale with a Seamless Customer Journey

Easy on-boarding makes it easy for you and your customers to get going with integrated payment solutions like the PAX A920. Handpoint’s unique technology delivers a seamless activation, frictionless updates, and easy visibility. Even activating face-to-face payments is easy with fast shipping, remote key injection, no complex wifi requirements — so you can scale without on-site support.

Protect your customers with comprehensive security

Embed payments without touching them. Handpoint’s semi-integrated terminal APIs let you create the entire customer journey inside of your brand and your workflow, with protection from the PCI-P2PE applications that power every terminal. And our secure e-commerce tools and APIs let you build the omni-channel payments acceptance you require. Handpoint helps keep your software clean, your compliance to a minimum, and your customers safe. Get all the data you want – and nothing you don’t – with all the control you need.

Accept all the payment types your customers need

Apple Pay

Pay with your Apple devices.

Android Pay

Pay with your Android devices.

Credit & debit
Alternative payment method

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