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Deliver the ultimate checkout experience with SmartPOS

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Experience the greatest simplicity that delivers flexible, secure payments.

Integrated face-to-face payments made easy. Anytime. Anywhere.

Easy integration for any platform

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Handpoint-enabled solutions for NextGEN Commerce

Unified solution suite for modern acquirers


All-in-one P2PE payment terminals with business apps built in, PLUS all the security and flexibility of the Handpoint software terminal, international gateway, remote key injection, and terminal mangement sytem. Handpoint makes SmartPOS smarter business.

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Integrated ready

If your merchants are moving to integrated payments, but not all at once, you need a standalone P2PE mobile terminal that you can deploy today to any merchant and flip to integrated with a click of your mouse. No costs for reterminalization. No delays for key injections. No risks to your merchant relationship. You need the integrated-ready Handpoint SmartPOS standalone.

Integrated-Ready SmartPOS Standalone

Brandable mPOS

Offer your merchants a sleek application that is simple to use and provides a full transaction history on their phone or online. Use the Handpoint mPOS app off the shelf and out of the box, or let us brand a solution for you.

mPOS App

Integrated APIs

Win software partners with Handpoint APIs for native apps and web POS. From SMBs to enterprise retailers to field service agents, merchants are looking for secure, innovative mobile payment solutions to take payments wherever they interact with customers. We'll support their payment integrations. You won't need to certify them AND you'll get the tools you need to support your new integrated merchants.

Handpoint APIs

Mobile extensions

Handpoint delivers the mobile retail experience your merchants want. Offer your merchants integraged mobile solutions for high-touch retail, line-busting, and large format retail. And with our omni-enabled terminals, merchants can deliver the future of unified commerce.



Handpoint PCI-P2PE mobile terminals with tokenization integrations and web POS APIs are used today by merchants at the forefront: showrooming, membership models, online refunds, unified omni-commerce merchant accounts, high-touch retail, online booking with face-to-face payments, and more. Handpoint's flexible platform enables us to build new solutions for your opportunities. If you are an ecommerce acquirer, we can take you to omni with a seamless card present platform and deep expertise. In the world of nextgen acquiring, where will mobile take you?

Payment Types


Hardware terminals are going away, giving way to consumer off-the-shelf solutions. Handpoint is leading the way building the tools you need for the future: a software terminal with interfaces to mobile platforms and acquirers that enable you to manage transactions, security, and your portfolios.

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