Embedded Payments for
Point of Sale SaaS

Meet Handpoint, the embedded payments platform that lets you scale like the pros without any of the hassles.

Embedded omni-commerce payments let software companies and payfacs supercharge their growth, revenues, and valuation

  • In-person
  • Online
  • In-app
  • Cross-Atlantic (UK, EU, US, Canada, South Africa)
How We Do It

We enable SaaS & payfac companies to supercharge their growth with embedded payments

Direct recurring revenue

You are ready to graduate from your current provider and own your payments strategy.  Payments done right lets you flex your SaaS pricing and fund new features, all while increasing your MRR and NRR.

Unified commerce platform

80% of payments are still in-person.  Offer the full suite of payment types. Giving your customers the solutions they need helps you win them, keep them, and keep them happy.  

Analytics and reporting

Bring it all together. Real-time data from every interaction, from on the terminal to online, helps your customers understand their business better.

Powering leading SaaS companies:

Unified Solutions

Your easy one-stop-shop to embed all the payment types your customers need

Supercharge your growth with nextgen embedded payments solutions, control over the customer journey, and predictable revenue. Use Handpoint’s international nextgen gateway and embedded payments platform to scale faster.

Omni-Commerce APIs
Buyer’s expectations are changing fast. Rapidly enable what’s next: onsite, online, unified.
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Nextgen Interactions
Customer interaction done right, with APIs, security, and deployment tools for you to scale with confidence. Whether you want your app right on a slick terminal or want to use your app with a connected terminal, Handpoint makes smart POS smarter business.
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Real-time Intelligence
Stop battling the “black boxes” of the world. You need info and insights right now. With Handpoint, get persistent tokens from every point of interaction and see details on every transaction, every message, in real time: online, downloadable, or via TXN Feed API.
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The tech stack and support you need to scale your business

Build on the tech stack you want with the support you need. We’ll help you bring your payfac experience to market fast, with operational readiness and tools for your payments strategy.

Evolve as you scale.

Multiple business models with one tech stack lets you scale from zero-overhead payments revenues to licensed payfac on one platform

Cross Atlantic reach

Your addressable market is within reach. Handpoint supports your platform users from California to Croatia at every point of interaction.

Secure cloud solutions from A-Z

We are built in the cloud and can enable you to offer payments from the cloud, for in-person, in-app, and online interactions

Branded customer journey

APIs to put payments right into your flow. As you scale with payments, take on more ownership and brand the entire customer journey.

Made for Integration

APIs for every platform and integrated payments flow

Our robust platform is highly flexible and scalable in every direction, allowing you to respond to the dynamic payments landscape. Handpoint can add SDKs, logic, tools, countries, and payment types

Choose your business model.

Select the business model that is right for your strategy today, or combine models to reach every merchant and evolve over time.

Choose your SDK.

Start your integration.

Simple APIs, boutique support, and multiple business models get you to market successfully and quickly.

What Clients Said About Us

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our clients said

More than 100 software companies from California to South Africa transform their payments with Handpoint

Winning SaaS businesses have a clear & articulated payments strategy to supercharge their growth. Handpoint brings together everything you need to build your ideal payments solution