In-person payments for the innovative Point of Sale

In-person interactions are the most important time for your merchants.  Handpoint APIs and innovative architecture make it easy for you to build exactly what merchants need to shine.  We go above and beyond a simple sale…


* Tokens from the Terminal

* Receipt Customization

* Pre-Authorizations

* Pay-at-the-Table

* Keyed Entry/MOTO

* Tip & Tip Adjustment

* Branding

* Multi-MID

* Multi-Agreement

* Multi-Language

* BIN Look-Ups

Elys tablet used for a smiling customer to pay for breakfast right from the table

Learn more about a few of our most-requested in-person payment options

Tokens from the Terminal

A retail customer is checking out with a number of athleisure clothing items from a store attendant holding a credit card terminal with the store's brand on the software application
Tokens from the terminal connect
Tokens for omni-commerce, payments orchestration, and business intelligence

You can request a token for any card used at a Handpoint-powered terminal.  Simply use our APIs to call “Sale & Tokenize” or “Tokenize Only.”  You’ll receive a token that is unique per card and unique to you, so your merchants can identify cardholder activity across every point of interaction without any sensitive information in your systems.  You also can use tokens generated during a sale to process online transactions, enabling memberships, subscriptions, and more

“Tokenize & Modify” is Handpoint’s newest token solution, enabling you to build instant-gratification loyalty!  Bring your loyalty engine and use a single dip, tap, or swipe from a Handpoint terminal to identify your customer, offer a discount, and finalize the transaction amount.  No more fobs, no more complex sign-ups. 

Receipt Customization

Shows a gym with a coach printing out a receipt from a sleek mobile credit card terminal while a customer and workout equipment are in the background
Enhance receipts to create enduring experiences and streamline operations
Receipts can power your growth

Interactions with customers do not need to end as soon as the payment is authorized.  Customized receipts can help you deliver richer experiences and faster service. We’ll send you the payment info you need to print a receipt.  With simple APIs, you can add anything else you want: raffle ticket numbers, QR codes to streamline returns, logos, advertisements, incentives, even the name of the cardholder.  Print the receipt or send it via email or SMS.


Pre-authorize transactions and increment the amount as extra services are provided
Use a card to authorize a transaction that will be finalized later once the actual amount is known

Whether your software lets merchants open a bar tab, manage a hotel, or sell boat rentals, pre-authorizations can help.  Your merchants can authorize a transaction amount on a specific card, incrementally increase the amount, and capture the final sale when the transaction is completed.

MOTO from the Terminal

Cloud Integrated MOTO
Android SDK Integrated MOTO
Keep customers happy without the cardholder being present

Manual entry on the terminal with mail order or telephone order payments (“MOTO”) is ideal for services, tourism, events, restaurants, and even retail. MOTO transactions cost more than card present transactions, but the benefits to customer satisfaction can make MOTO transactions more than pay for themselves. Enable orders taken over the phone. Issue refunds remotely. Enable technicians to call in in payments for service jobs to streamline A/R.  Use with cloud or native integrations. Handpoint’s MOTO payments make merchants’ life so much easier.


Waiter takes order from diner on a payment terminal
Take orders and payments from your all-in-one app
Streamline operations with a true table-side solution for ordering & payment

Don’t limit yourself to table-side payments – streamline operations by putting your application right on a Handpoint smartPOS terminal. Staff can use the terminal to take orders AND accept payments when diners are ready to pay. With Handpoint Android SDK, you embed libraries in your app.  You avoid app-to-app messes and dropped transactions. With cloud listeners, you can even pick up other orders from your software and close them out. And merchants never need to batch out, helping busy restaurants move faster with confidence.

Tipping & Tip Adjustment

Enable tipping on the screen or the receipt
Tipping can be vital to employee satisfaction

Make it easy for consumers to tip in the ways that they prefer.  Enable the cardholder to choose a tip amount on the screen of the terminal with your pay-at-the-table application running right on a smartPOS terminal.  Enable customers to select a tip on the screen of your tablet with a cloud connection to a separate terminal for counter-top checkouts.  Or enable the customer to write a tip on the receipt while the merchant adds the tip and adjusts the total amount later.  


Shows a payment terminal with alternative colors and logos on the main screens, indicating this is a terminal for a specific hotel
Control colors, logos, and support with no development
Brand the screens on the terminal, even when you aren't developing a terminal application

If you are connecting your app with a Handpoint terminal via the cloud using Handpoint REST API, Windows.net SDK, or JS SDK, you aren’t developing an application on the terminal.  But you CAN stay in control of the customer experience on the terminal.  Handpoint makes it easy for you to co-brand the terminal screen colors, logos, and support links.  All with zero development.


Depicts one terminal being used by a salon owner and two independent stylists who rent chairs at the same salon, so they would want to share a checkout but have separate merchant accounts for accepting credit cards
Use one check-out for many independent businesses
Enable a single terminal to easily process payments for multiple merchants

Now you can power beauty salons and other practices, even when multiple independent merchants share a single checkout experience.  Or support delivery services, even when using a single driver for multiple restaurants.  Simply include the merchant identifier in the API call, and we’ll make sure the transaction goes exactly where it needs to and the right merchant gets paid. Works even when each person using the terminal has multiple agreements – eg a card agreement for VISA/MasterCard, an AMEX contract, and an Interac agreement for debit. 


Multiple agreements per merchant is no problem with Handpoint's powerful platform
Merchants want to accept every kind of card. We take care of the routing for you

Sometimes a merchant needs to have multiple agreements to accept all the card types their customers use. For example, a Canadian merchant might need to use a separate MID to process each of VISA/MasterCard/Discover vs. AMEX vs. Interac Flash.  When the cardholder dips the card, we can immediately identify the type of card and route the transaction to the right place.


Seamlessly support multiple languages to power your international relevance
Present information in the preferred language of the cardholder or the merchant

Handpoint supports payments in many countries, languages and currencies. But if you support a multi-lingual market, you may need to enable a variety of languages. For example, Handpoint can determine whether a terminal message needs to be presented in French or English and serve up the right one.

BIN Look-Ups

Shows a payment terminal at a hockey game being used for a charity raffle platform
BIN look-ups help stadium sports charity raffles accept only allowed transaction types
Sometimes you need to know the card BIN to support your market needs

Handpoint can look up the BIN as part of any transaction. For example, some transactions can be completed ONLY with debit cards, like in Texas sports charity raffles or Canadian VLTs.  Before the transaction processes, we’ll confirm the BIN is for a debit card and decline any un-allowed BINs. BIN look-ups also can help support payment orchestration across multiple providers, such as AMEX direct or Interac.  

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