Handpoint makes it easy to brand the entire payment journey, for you or your customers

If you are using Handpoint Android SDK for an all-in-one solution, embed Handpoint libraries and entirely control the payment journey. 


But Handpoint makes it easy to brand the entire journey, even when you aren’t developing a native app. Just share the logo and colors you want to use with Handpoint’s configurable terminal application.  Every checkout stays entirely in your control, even if you are using:


   Handpoint Rest API or any cloud integration

   Handpoint SmartPOS standalone

   Handpoint mPOS app

Shows a payment terminal with alternative colors and logos on the main screens, indicating this is a terminal for a specific hotel

Co-Branding helps you grow faster

Businesses work hard to keep their brands front and center.  Handpoint makes it easy to use branding to grow your business. 

Co-Branding Features

Handpoint gives you the power to control the customer journey.  Use our SDKs to integrate payments into your app or simply use our co-branding platform to launch today.


Want to see if co-branding could work for you?