Choose the terminals you need to build your ideal checkout

8 out of 10 transactions happen in person. 


Handpoint has you covered. Easy APIs connect you to a wide range of leading terminals. Build without compromise, no matter what platform you are using or where your customers need to get paid.

waiter offering a terminal for restaurant post

Handpoint-powered terminals
give you so much more.

No black boxes here. Finally control the experience, secure your systems, keep all the business intelligence, and go global.  All from your choice of easy API.


  • One API for global reach, multiple terminals.  Build and go.
  • Drive customer engagement with total control: Control screens, flows, receipts, omni
  • No app-to-app experience.  See integration methods
  • Host capture so your customers never need to batch out
  • P2PE security and semi-integrated to help protect your software and your customers
  • Get tokens with or without a sale transaction to power omni flexibility and rich business intelligence
  • Seamless activations with no messy IP configuration
  • Remote injections, updates, and support

Our most popular models...

PAX A920 Pro

Build sleek and powerful all-in-one apps on the terminal or power next-gen countertop checkouts


Ideal for streamlined countertop & semi-attended checkouts

Handpoint HiLite NFC

Ultra-portable PCI-P2PE mPOS with global reach


Smartphone size and mobility with secure payments, camera, and scanning


Android countertop solution for SMBs


Android capabilities for semi-attended scenarios

Want to learn more?

See our developer docs for in-person payments or talk with our engineers to help scope your ideal solution