Handpoint powers the embedded payments revolution for SaaS & payfac companies

We are entrepreneurs who have built (and sold) software companies in the US, UK, Spain, and Iceland. We understand first-hand the challenges that software and payfac companies face when they want to enable payments for their customers. So we have been busy building a better way. We have already helped over 100 software companies from California to South Africa use payments to transform their SaaS growth. Prioritise your payments strategy to achieve super-growth.







Handpoint makes it seamless for SaaS & payfac companies to keep payments amazing

We are passionate about the evolution of SaaS-embedded payments and have been at the forefront on three continents. But more than anything else, we hear Thanks! from our customers for our personal touch.  So often they have felt ignored or unsupported by their payments provider.


Caring for our customers runs deep at Handpoint.  We make sure every customer has their questions answered quickly. We wrap them in support and help them achieve their payments strategy, with partnership (and revenues) from the very beginning.


We have the solutions SaaS companies need to control the product and the customer journey. And like our customers, we build in the cloud. We are agile, innovative, build fast, and deploy fast.

SaaS may be in the cloud, but commerce is everywhere

With over 20 years of experience, we have helped software companies transform and scale – from California to South Africa, from face-to-face to in the cloud.


Handpoint’s roots were formed when two engineers joined forces to leverage first generation mobile technology and give merchants new data visibility and simplified operations. Since then, this team has continued to double down on the transformation of commerce: from fixed to mobile to online, from hardware to software, from standalone to embedded payments.

Core business

At Handpoint, we have built the world’s most flexible and robust platform as a service solution for the payments industry. Driven by our core values and goals of making the world of accepting payments more open and accessible, we’ve combined the best of security, modern development best practices, and accessibility to create the payments platform solution of the future.


Handpoint is singularly focused on providing the best payments platform for SaaS. To that end, we’ve made it seamless for our partners to integrate solutions from face-to-face to across the globe, to reach new markets, and to build in nextgen capabilities to provide the highest amount of flexibility and control.

We serve innovators of all shapes and sizes

Handpoint enables companies to transform payments volume into higher valuations, better products, and strategic success.  From innovative SaaS companies to payfac companies and acquirers, our flight path helps companies achieve an evolving payments strategy without changing the tech stack.  We are grateful for the privilege of processing billions of dollars (well, actually USD CAD ISK HRK EUR GBP ZAR CZK DKK HUF…) every year for leading SaaS platforms and integrated payment solutions.

Early-Stage SaaS Companies

Launch quickly. Embed face-to-face & ecommerce payments acceptance. Make your payments strategy central to your growth strategy, no matter your scale today.

Massively-Scaling SaaS Platforms

Improve your product. Deliver a seamless customer journey. Transformational payment strategies can power your trajectory.

Payfacs and Nextgen Acquirers

Power your scale with our customer journey, innovative products, custom flows, and rich data. Deliver on your payments strategy with the Handpoint tech stack, designed for massive scale.

We’re innovators, just like you

We innovate with our customers to make complex payments easy.  A few examples…

Multi-MID: WorkWave

We partnered with WorkWave to enable their enterprise field service customers to support multiple MIDs from a single terminal, seamlessly

International Reach: Paysafe

We partnered with Paysafe to help them offer integrated omni APIs in the US and Canada for sophisticated software companies

All-in-One SmartPOS: Ascend FS

We work with Ascend to enable their sports charity raffle platform to securely accept payments in the stands with a single handheld unit

Omni-Channel: TechStyle

We enable innovative customers like TechStyle to unify their shoppers’ experience across high-touch retail and sophisticated subscription delivery channels

Meet our leadership team

My team can move payments mountains and we’re lucky to have so much talent at our fingertips. Creating the right enabling technology to be the necessary glue in payments is a lot easier when you have great talent that has understanding of the market, experience and background in FinTech, and from an economy where nearly all payments are digital”

David Gudjonsson

CEO & Co-Founder | Handpoint

Jody Muehlegger

COO | Head of North America

Ezequiel Cuñado

CTO | Chief Technology Officer

David Gudjonsson

CEO & Co-founder

David has 20 years of integrated payments experience combined with entrepreneurship, leading payments innovations on three continents.  He generously shares his expertise with other software entrepreneurs as they work to unify payments strategy and software.

Thordur Thorarinsson

CFO & Co-founder

Thordur’s brilliance with numbers, people, and technology make him the ideal fintech leader.  With his 20 years of global experience, he’s a trusted voice in the industry on the evolution of payments and software.

Antoine Trota

Product Director

Sian Bosley

Advisory Board

Jody Muehlegger

COO | Head of North America

Ezequiel Cuñado

CTO | Chief Technology Officer

Join our brilliant and friendly international team

The Handpoint team is universally committed, friendly, ambitious, and talented.  We work together seamlessly across time zones and cultures, bringing together great ideas, a passion for our customers, and deep expertise across payments, software, and service.


We invest in each other and together we deliver great things.  From language courses, to learning new programming languages in order to build new things, to teaching other in Lunch & Learn sessions, we elevate each other as we lead the way in the market.