Handpoint Android SDK lets you put your app on a smart POS terminal & maintain total control

  • Total control: Control the entire payment experience within your app and in your brand with embedded libraries.

  • No app-to-app mess: Other app-to-app solutions are known to make customization hard, require two apps, and result in lost transactions.  And it is all host-capture so merchants NEVER have to batch.
  • One integration: Embed payments for merchants in the US, Canada, UK and Europe with one integration.
Android SDK
Android SDK Features

Build Your Ideal Checkout

Android SDK gives you rich features and total control, without having to leave your software. Don’t wait years to build your own app—let Handpoint help! We give you all the control, while keeping you out of the payments flow and prioritizing security.


   Line busting

   In-stadium solutions

   Field service




   Embedded libraries (not app-to-app) 

   Make it hybrid by listening for cloud events

   Utilize nextgen transactions, including Sale & Tokenize or Tokenize Only

   Control the printer and customize receipts

   Complete your super-fast integration with direct-to-developer Slack support

   Handpoint’s P2PE payment application

   Handpoint’s remote software updates & debugging

   Sale, Refund, Void, Reversals


   Tokens from the terminal for loyalty or omni-commerce

   Tip on the terminal

   Tip adjustment (North America only)

   Interac and local debit schemes

   USD, CAD, GBP, Euros, and more

   PAX A920 Pro (All-in-One)

   PAX A80

   PAX A77

   PAX A35

   PAX A50

   PAX IM30

Android SDK benefits for SaaS

Supercharge your payments revenues

At Handpoint, we enable SaaS companies to fuel rapid growth with embedded payments.  Finally, a payment platform that lets you take control of your product, your customer journey, and your total revenues – all in one.

  • Brand and price your payments offering
  • Offer easy onboarding
  • Remotely activate and support your customers
  • Scale your business across the Atlantic

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