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Handpoint Android SDK makes it easy to put your app right on a smart POS terminal and maintain total control

  • Control the entire payment experience within your app and in your brand with embedded libraries
  • Other app-to-app solutions are known to make customization hard, require two apps, and result in lost transactions
  • Embed payments for merchants in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe with one integration

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Android SDK gives you rich features for multiple markets on a variety of terminals

  • One integration for many terminals:
    • PAX A920 Pro (All-in-One)
    • PAX A80
    • PAX A77
    • PAX A35
    • PAX A50
    • PAX IM30
  • The ideal way to build your mobile solution for:
  • Build it right:
    • Embedded libraries (not app-to-app) with hybrid capabilities
    • Nextgen transactions, including Sale & Tokenize or Tokenize Only
    • Control the printer and customize receipts
    • Super fast integration with direct-to-developer Slack support
  • Make it secure:
    • P2PE payment application
    • Remote software updates & debugging
  • Accept every way your customers want to pay:
    • Sale, Refund, Void, Reversals
    • APMs
    • Tokens from the terminal for loyalty or omni-commerce
    • Tip on the terminal
    • Tip adjustment (North America only)
    • Interac and local debit schemes
    • USD, CAD, GBP, Euros, and more

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