Grow your payments revenue with the ideal payment platform for Restaurant POS

Easily embed & monetize:

* Pay-at-the-Counter

* Pay-at-the-Table

* Pay Online



* Pay-at-Delivery

* Pay by Link

* Pay in App

* Pay at a Kiosk

waiter offering a terminal for restaurant post

Payments made easy for your customers...and their guests

restaurant pos terminal accepting a contactless payment from a diner at the table
Restaurant POS benefits for SaaS

Supercharge your total revenues and fuel your growth

At Handpoint, we enable SaaS companies to fuel rapid growth with embedded payments on three continents.  Finally, a payment platform that lets you take control of your product, your customer journey, and your total revenues – all in one.

  • Brand and price your payments offering
  • Offer easy onboarding
  • Remotely activate and support your customers
  • Scale your business across the Atlantic
Restaurant POS highlight features

Increase Restaurant Revenues, Lower Costs & Improve the Customer Experience

  • 1
    Nextgen checkout
  • 2.svg
    REST API & Native Integrations
  • 3.svg
  • 4
    Curbside Payments
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
    Tip Adjustment & In-line Tipping
  • 8
    Pre-Auth & Incremental Auth
  • And so much more...Loyalty Tokens; Real-time data in the cloud; Real-time data APIs; Remote app updates for real-time support
tablet showing restaurant POS options
Other Restaurant POS features

A single API gives you access to everything

Handpoint specializes in making it easy for software developers to easily build, activate, update, and support mobile solutions.  Support your customers easily without waiting for an on-site technician.

restaurant POS solutions
  • Countertop Solutions: A35, A80, A800, A920 Pro
  • Solutions for Mobile Checkouts: A920 Pro, HiLite
  • Pay-at-the-Table Solutions: A920 Pro, A77
  • Solutions for Semi-Attended Kiosks: IM30
  • US, Canada, UK & Europe
  • All major card brands + Interac + APMs

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