Payment types

Global payment reach with rich payment options


Payment types for every market with Handpoint

Handpoint provides a wide variety of payment types to support the needs of a wide variety of merchants. Specific features vary by processor and country. In general, our supported face-to-face payment types include:

Payment methods

Transaction types

Card brands


  • Restaurants: QSR, popup, pay at the table
  • Retail: countertop, popup, in-aisle
  • Line-busting
  • Transportation
  • Field services
  • Activities & events
  • Services and more

Omni-enabled payment solutions

Many of our merchants also utilize our token integrations to leverage omni-commerce for the future of payments, including:

Membership models

With tokenization enabling recurrent payments + the ability to identify and decline pre-paid cards at sign-up

Brick and mortar showrooming

With Handpoint card-present pre-authorizations with EMV on mobile terminals + tokenization

Pop-up stores

With remote re-injection of terminals + chain-wide reporting down to the terminal level

Mobile-enabled interaction

Including high-touch retailing, on-demand delivery, line-busting, tokens to track customers across settings, tip adjustment or in-line tipping, and more

Token-only retail

For merchants who use Handpoint card readers to securely generate tokens for pay-later commerce