The easiest road for you
to reach your goals

Handpoint HiWay

The Handpoint HiWay Gateway is the easiest road for you to reach your goals - it isn't an "extra," it is the *reason* that you can both deliver the experience your customers demand and take advantage of the opportunities of the revolution in payments.

With HiWay

  • There is no more apologizing to your customers - offer instant terminal activation, instant answers to support inquiries, and instant terminal updates
  • There are no key injections for distributors to mess up - you control it all instantly from the cloud
  • There is no sensitive data in your systems - our platform provides a secure endpoint for certified P2PE encryption
  • There is no fighting with card reader manufacturers - integrate POS software to our easy, freely available APIs
  • There are no certifications required between the POS software and processors - we take care of that all for you
  • There are ZERO maintenance windows - it is lightweight and state-of-the-art with noSQL databases
  • There is nothing for you to host - our platform is PCI-DSS certified on AWS
  • There are no limits to your growth - the platform can be replicated with ease on AWS
  • There is no limit to your reach - board merchants with multiple processors on three continents or have us integrate to your platform. We already support many standard protocols and acquiring platforms such as ISO8583, Postillion and Omnipay
  • There is no reason to lose business - offer every solution you need from mobile to fixed, standalone to integrated to mPOS to smartPOS, US to Africa, face-to-face or omni-commerce, native to PC to web, host-capture or batch settlements, tip adjustment to in-line tipping to pre-auths
  • There is no better way to grow