Revolutionary Handpoint Cloud Payments

Seamlessly integrate
card present payments
into any web app

Handpoint Cloud Payments

Easy in-person payments, even when your software is in the cloud.

Add point-to-point encrypted (P2PE) card present payments on beautiful NextGen terminals to any web app, without compromising security or control. With Handpoint Cloud Payments you can use our flexible REST API or simple javascript interface running in your web application that acts as a bridge between the web browser and the payment terminal and shields your software from card data. You talk to Handpoint in the cloud, and Handpoint steers the terminal from the cloud. There is nothing installed on the merchant's device, allowing you to offer card present payments to merchants using any platforrm - iOS, Android, PC, Mac.

Handpoint Cloud Payments seamlessly starts and manages the entire P2PE transaction with the payment terminal, minimizing hassle for you and maximizing reliability, security, and control. For your merchants, the terminal setup is easier than a standalone. A merchant connects the terminal to their network, just like a smartphone, authenticates their account, and it simply works -- your software then controls the terminal from anywhere in the world, and your merchants have secure, reliable, intuitive payments.

Key features

  • Seamless to integrate card present payments into web apps
  • Shields your software from all card data
  • Works with every platform with nothing installed on the merchant device
  • Enables the best Android terminals on the market
  • Use with PAX A920, PAX A80, or TPS900
  • P2PE payments with 3DES and DUKPT
  • Super easy merchant setup
  • Beautiful, intuitive user interface
  • Tokenization with sale and tokenize only
  • Real time data on the transaction status and all transaction results
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