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It's all about the APIs

At Handpoint, it is all about APIs. Handpoint's semi-integrated architecture means all complex payment handling is abstracted and developers simply have to use one of our easy APIs to integrate their POS software to our platform to offer face-to-face payments on three continents.


Handpoint’s APIs enable easy integrations for all of the leading nextgen POS platforms including web POS and native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows .NET phones and tablets; cover a wide range of merchant use cases; and offer innovative payment features including omni-enabling tokens and tip adjustment.

All of the SDKs leverage Handpoint’s secure architecture to protect your POS, your merchant’s reputation, and sensitive cardholder data with features including P2PE, semi-integrated transaction flow, and real-time transaction data.

Let us help you find the API, card reader, and payment features right for your unique requirements. We’re also happy to help connect you with the right acquiring partners to meet your needs on three continents (and counting...).

Your integration to Handpoint means you don’t need to do anything more!

    Standalone Terminal
(Integrated Ready)
Express SDK iOS SDK Android SDK Windows SDK Cloud SDK
Supported Card Readers HiLite (BT Only)   Via Express App
  Hi5 (BT Only)   Via Express App
  Hi5 (GPRS)          
  HiPro Sled with Barcode Scanner       Via Express App
  HiPro Flat (BT) with Barcode Scanner   Via Express App
  PAX A920
  PAX A80
Compatible POS Platforms iOS Native App    
  iOS Web POS      
  Android Native App    
  Android Web POS      
  Windows Mobile App        
  Windows PC App    
  Windows PC Web POS      
  Mac Desktop App        
  Mac Web POS        
    Standalone Terminal
(Integrated Ready)
Express SDK iOS SDK Android SDK Windows SDK Cloud SDK
Geographic Reach US
  South Africa
Key Features ISV Development Time None Fastest Hours to Days Hours to Days Hours to Days  
  P2PE Encryption
  Installed Express App         Optional
  Tip Adjustment (US & CN only)  
  Extra Data Pass-Back        
  TMS Merchant Setup
  Tokenize with Sale
  Tokenize without Sale
  Real-time transaction data

Check out the Handpoint Developer Portal for lots more information!