As restaurants and services have looked to upgrade their POS, many of them have had to sacrifice security in order to maintain their workflows and give their patrons the ability to recognize exceptional service. Today, Handpoint is proud to announce its new Tip Adjustment feature, giving greater flexibility and payments capabilities to service providers. Restaurants, salons, and other services now can accept integrated EMV transactions, and later adjust those EMV transactions for gratuities written by patrons on receipts.

Building on Handpoint’s robust Platform as a Service (PaaS), the new Tip Adjustment feature is yet another innovation for ISVs looking to offer the most sought after functionality, as well as ISOs looking to build integrated payment offerings for merchants. With customers having more choices than ever, merchants recognize that having the wrong payments experience is a significant business risk. In fast-paced, service-oriented environments, merchants are constantly looking for new solutions to create a more seamless and delightful customer experience.

Handpoint now enables restaurants to accept EMV payments regardless of the setting, whether it is with a pay-at-the-table mobile card reader, on-screen tipping for quick serve settings, mobile solutions for delivery, or tip adjustment for traditional restaurant workflows. Handpoint CEO, David Gudjonsson, said:

“Having had the opportunity to work with organizations of all sizes, from single-person operations to large international corporations, we at Handpoint know that, with a diversity of businesses, comes a diversity of workflows. We believe that your payments solution should fit your business, and even better, help you grow. By releasing pre-certified EMV tip adjustment on mobile card readers, we’re enabling restaurants and services companies to upgrade security, increase sales, and streamline operations.”

Handpoint’s tip adjustment solutions cover use cases well beyond fast casual. Tip adjustment is utilized in a variety of service-based industries to serve customers in every vertical, from auto repair, to spas and salons, to transportation companies, to hotels. Combining the flexibility of tip adjustment with Handpoint’s mobile EMV gives merchants the power to create a seamless customer experience. By partnering with these POS developers and ISOs looking to create integrated solutions, Handpoint is empowering companies to enjoy increased security with the power of certified EMV on mobile card readers.