Manage your entire merchant lifecycle in the cloud

Customer Experience Matters
Secure. Scalable. Flexible. Proven.

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Deliver the "Pay-fac" customer experience

  • Connect seamlessly.
  • Accept payments immediately.
  • Stay secure and up-to-date with zero effort.

  • This is what your merchants expect and what you can deliver with Handpoint.

    Customer experience and control with Handpoint's powerful web-based TMS

    Setting up a terminal has never been simpler. The Handpoint Terminal Management System lets you set up a merchant in 2 minutes flat!
    Handpoint's remote key injection, remote software updates, and instant config file building system put the power to control the entire merchant experience in your hands.

  • Seamless Activation: The right keys instantly with no costs, no delays, no support
  • Reliable Processing: Up-to-date terminals and real-time transaction monitoring
  • Life-Cycle Management: Upsell new features remotely, even deactivate instantly
  • Real time transactions portal

    Stop battling the "black boxes" of the world. You need info and insights right now.
    With Handpoint, you see every transaction, every message, at the individual terminal level in near real-time: online, downloadable, or via a data integration service.
    So when you are asked, "Did that transaction go through before the internet went down?" you can make sure your merchants never miss a beat.

    Channel Analytics

    When you need to see how your channels and markets are producing in real time, use Handpoint Analytics to get added insights with a suite of pre-configured and customizable reports.

    Security at every step

    Rest easy with secure transactions, secure shipping, and secure processing. The layers of our secure solution are designed to protect merchants and cardholders through every touchpoint of the transaction at every stage of the merchant lifecycle.

    PCI-P2PE for EMV + NFC + MSR

    Semi-integrated & pre-certified

    Remote key injection & software updates

    PCI-DSS certified platform

    AWS-hosted for infinite scalability and uptime

    Real time transaction monitoring down to the terminal level

    Deactivate terminals instantly

    Global reach

    Go Global. Handpoint is certified to many of the world's leading acquiring platforms, enabling you to support international merchants and software providers. Multiple currencies are no problem. And if you need to reach a local debit scheme, our terminals can host multiple MIDs/TIDs with dynamic routing.

    Engineered for growth

    Our robust platform is highly flexible and scalable in every direction,
    allowing you to respond to the dynamic payments landscape.
    If you need a solution customized for your market, Handpoint can add SDKs, terminals, tools, processors, and payment types. The entire Handpoint platform is hosted and PCI-DSS certifed on AWS for infinite scalability, so there is no limit to your potential.

    Bring Handpoint to your market

    You can bring the entire suite of mobile solutions, APIs, and management tools to your market with a single integration to your acquirer.