Handpoint pioneered mobile payments

and is now at the forefront of EMV, contactless and mobile technologies

What do we do ?

At Handpoint, we are tech-enablers, and our role is to offer a simple interface so developers can add integrated card payment solutions into their mobile, tablet, or PC point-of-sale.

We developed beautifully simple APIs for our sleek and modern card readers while taking an extra step in security by being the first to implement a PCI-P2PE solution for mobile point of sale.

By building simple yet powerful products, we allow developers to focus on delivering a seamless experience to their users, without having to spend months on integrations and payment certifications.

mobile card reader

Company Facts


Handpoint’s roots date back to 1999 when the founders set up a company to develop software on the first generation of PALM devices.

Having built the business twice and sold to start over again, the founders have built on years of experience and progressed Handpoint into a leading payments platform designed for next generation point-of-sale.

Core Business

At Handpoint, we have built the world's most flexible and robust platform as a service (PaaS) solution for the payments industry. Driven by our core values and goals of making the world of accepting payments more open and accessible, we’ve combined the best of security, modern development best practices, and accessibility to create the payments platform solution of the future.


Handpoint is singularly focused on providing the best payments platform experience possible. To that end, we’ve pre-integrated with a number of card readers, POS solutions, and other payments partners to provide the highest amount of flexibility and power to our customers.

Funding raised

$6M institutional investment


Reykjavik, Iceland

Our Motto

Simplifying Card Payments

Handpoint CEO

My team can move payments mountains and we're lucky to have so much talent at our fingertips. Creating the right enabling technology to be the necessary glue in payments is a lot easier when you have great talent that has understanding of the market, experience and background in FinTech, and from an economy where nearly all payments are digital

David Gudjonsson
CEO & Co-Founder | Handpoint

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