Handpoint HiLite

Sleek+Secure Integrated Payments

HiLite NFC

Sleek & secure integrated payments for every platform


Handpoint HiLite NFC helps merchants move to integrated payments seamlessly – whether in retail and restaurants or transportation, pop-ups, field services, sports, and more. The HiLite integrates to POS software on every major platform, is sleek and cost-effective, and provides all the security and incredible customer experience enabled by the Handpoint platform.

Key features:​

  • Ultra-portable or fixed ​
  • P2PE semi-integrated payments ​
  • APIs every platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Cordova, and Web POS​
  • EMV, NFC, & MSR payments.​
  • Tokenization & Tip Adjustment available.​
  • Remote key injection with plug and play activation ​
  • Bluetooth communication​
  • >500 transactions per charge​
  • Over-the-air support direct to your card reader, no matter where you take it in the field or in your store.​​
  • HiLite Spec Sheet​

Pre-certified for EMV payments via:​

Paysafe​ ACI Worldwide (Postillion)​
WorldPay (Vantiv Core)​ Interac* (2019)​
TSYS (Host Capture)​ EVO Payments International​
First Data OmniPay​ Nuvei​
Borgun​ M2Pay​
Lloyd’s Bank Cardnet​ eMerchantPay​
Mercantile Bank​

Learn more!​

  • Available in white
  • Compatible with leading all-in-one stands​​
  • Accessories:​​
    • Stand with integrated charging cord
    • Single charging cradle
    • 5-slot gang charger